I like to build things.

Products, communities, family. I build them all.

Hi, I’m Anna Maste. I’m an entrepreneur, computer engineer, musician, mother, wife, actress, and community builder. In no particular order.

In my early 30s, while on a 12-month maternity leave (yay Canada!) with my first baby, I started building what would later become Boondockers Welcome, with my mother as my co-founder. I wrote code, she babysat and built a customer base. It was a good team effort.

Two weeks before my 45th birthday, we sold the company to Harvest Hosts, a well-regarded company in the space that we have great faith will take care of our baby. (Although I’m sure how the company can still be our baby since that original actual baby is now in junior high…)

In between, I managed to also raise a family, run a community festival, chair the PTA at my kids’ school, perform in a bunch of local theatre, finally learn how to play the guitar with some skill, and renovate our kitchen with my husband without us killing each other. And occasionally, I did laundry.

I’m no superwoman, but I am a smart woman.

I try to know when to let things go. When to stop saying “yes” and start saying “no”. When to fight and when to just let it roll off my back. When to work hard and when to step back and relax.

Now I'm starting over. I'm the Founder and CEO of Subscribe Sense, a marketing tech SaaS that helps people increase the number of leads who complete the confirmation step in their double opt-in mailing list. I love a challenge, and building a new company from the ground up makes me excited to get up in the morning.

If anything in here resonates with you, please reach out. I’m not always the best at proactively sharing my story, but I’m always willing to talk when asked.


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